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Tuxmachines' Wall of Appreciation

These are special friends of Tux Machines. These are people who have donated either money or hardware to the site out of the kindness of their hearts. We will never forget them. In thanks we publish this:

Wall of Appreciation





Lars N.




Don L.

Patrick D.

Alexandru R.

Charles M.

David T.

Lucian B.


Philip K.

Roy S.

Gene L.


William S.

Dion D.

Louis P.

Rick B.

David D.

Richard H.

Jose S. V.

Andrei-Daniel P.

Dave F.

KC v.

Juan S. V.

Pete R.

Jeffrey T.

John W.

John B.

Norman D.

Matthew M.

KC v.

KC v.

daniel z.

Sebastian L.


KC v.

Richard G.


Philip K.

Richard G.

Lucian B.



Paul F.


Richard C.

Lucian B.

mihai i r

Tengis N.

Rick B.

Paul W.

N. G.

Gregory Z.

Robert K.

Larry M.

Dion D.

Carl S.

daniel z.

Claudio V.

Robert W.

christopher b.

Terrence N.

Charles F M.


Gregorio F.

Gene L.


James B.

Darrel J.

Claudio V.

Donald J.

Todd P.

Rob W.

Jesse F.

Russell o.

Matthew M.

Mark F.

David A.

antoine r.

Norman D.

N G.

Troy W.

George K.

Christopher S.

leon j.

Mark F.

Randy E.

David B.

Walter E.

christopher b.

Gyula Z.

Victor J.

Grady A.

Wanda L.

Dion D.

John J.

howard w.

Carla S.

Christopher W.

Petri J.


Reg S.

Richard F.

Phil B.

Donald V.

Don B.

Russell o.

John W.

Grady A.

Paul W.

Ilias K.

Richard H.

Michael T.


Mike J.

Matthew M.

Christopher W.



Rod R.

Felician S.

Don C.







E. Vasquez

R. Ossendryver















More in Tux Machines

Python Programming

  • Python import: Advanced Techniques and Tips

    In Python, you use the import keyword to make code in one module available in another. Imports in Python are important for structuring your code effectively. Using imports properly will make you more productive, allowing you to reuse code while keeping your projects maintainable. This tutorial will provide a thorough overview of Python’s import statement and how it works. The import system is powerful, and you’ll learn how to harness this power. While you’ll cover many of the concepts behind Python’s import system, this tutorial is mostly example driven. You’ll learn from several code examples throughout.

  • Python 101 – Learning about Dictionaries (Video)
  • Writing docs is not just writing docs

    I joined the Spyder team almost two years ago, and I never thought I was going to end up working on docs. Six months ago I started a project with CAM Gerlach and Carlos Cordoba to improve Spyder’s documentation. At first, I didn’t actually understand how important docs are for software, especially for open source projects. However, during all this time I’ve learned how documentation has a huge impact on the open-source community and I’ve been thankful to have been able to do this. But, from the beginning, I asked myself “why am I the ‘right person’ for this?” Improving Spyder’s documentation started as part of a NumFOCUS Small Development Grant awarded at the end of last year. The goal of the project was not only to update the documentation for Spyder 4, but also to make it more user-friendly, so users can understand Spyder’s key concepts and get started with it more easily.

  • A Hundred Days of Code, Day 000 - Begin Again

    This probably is the fourth (or is it fifth) time, I’ll be attempting to learn how to program. And probably the same number of attempts at #100DaysOfCode.

  • A Hundred Days of Code, Day 001 - Beginning With Classes

    Notes I’ve taken from the videos I watched, today. This is my attempt at Feynman-ing (below), what I learnt so far. Classes and Object Oriented Programming started to come together for me, when I saw Kushal using them. To use my father’s carpentry analogy, I could in theory just hammer nails into wood to join them. But to make a really strong joint, I could use other methods. I could screw pieces of wood together, which is markedly better than just nailing them. I could chisel wood and create a dovetail or mortise joint.

  • Object Oriented Programming in Python: Complete Tutorial

    Python is a powerful programming language used for web application development. It is also a widely popular programming language used for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. With Python, complex programming problem-solving becomes simpler. There are several approaches to problem-solving in Python. OOP is one of those approaches. In this article, I will introduce you to some fundamental OOP principles in Python development.

  • PSF GSoC students blogs: Weekly Check-In #6
  • PSF GSoC students blogs: Week 3 Blog Post

Games: Black Ice, BOMBFEST, Albion Online

  • Black Ice: Early Access Impressions

    Enter a futuristic, TRON-like environment, where your goal is to try and save your friend’s daughter from…something. From getting hacked, perhaps? Who knows. Per the press sheet, Black Ice is inspired by cyberpunk novels from the 80s and 90s, including Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and Neuromancer by William Gibson. It’s a game developed by Garrett Cooper and Eric Ford. Their company name is Super Duper Game Company and is based in Austin, Texas.

  • Like sumo wrestling with explosions, BOMBFEST is pretty amusing

    BOMBFEST, an explosive party game that released last year seems to have been missed by most and it's seen very few user reviews which is a shame due to how fun it actually is. Note: key provided by the developer. The developer says it's like 'sumo wrestling with explosives' and that's hilariously accurate. Four players run around a small map, while throwing around blocks and bombs to attempt to knock the other players off. Simple, highly accessible as it only needs a few buttons and it's also hilarious. A sweet style too, with everything made to look like children's toys as you battle across wooden forts, on folding chairs, and inside the kitchen sink.

  • Albion Online's upcoming Corrupted Dungeons sound fun

    With the next massive update 'Rise of Avalon' coming to Albion Online in August, Sandbox Int have started giving out more in-depth details about the new features coming to this MMO. Some big new features are arriving and one of these are the Corrupted Dungeons, finally giving solo players something truly interesting to play with as Albion has somewhat lacked dedicated content aimed at solo players. I'm genuinely excited about them too! As you explore the world, you will come across entrances that appear like regular dungeons but they look 'a good deal more sinister' with plenty of demons and corrupted creatures inside.

Linux Kernel Raising Compiler Build Requirement To GCC 4.9

Linus Torvalds has decided to up the compiler build requirement for the Linux kernel to GCC 4.9. Recently the compiler requirement was upped to GCC 4.8 while as a late change for Linux 5.8 is now bumping the base compiler version supported to GCC 4.9. Torvalds updated the requirement on the basis of the Linux kernel currently having to workaround multiple pre-4.9 GCC bugs and other headaches. Shifting the requirement to GCC 4.9 will allow kernel developers to make better assumptions and clean-up a lot of code moving forward. Read more

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