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Not the Gentoo Linux Newsletter, Π edition

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Highlights include:

How to grow minions

Recruiting for runaways

If you are involved in an Open Source Project you may have wanted to recruit more minions to do your bidding. Those are especially useful when you want new features implemented or some old bugs squished. So there are two similar goals you have to work with - keeping your old minions and aquiring new ones.

* Think of yourself as a manager: ...

Gentoo as a religion?

Passion in the community

For a long time there have been many people vocally representing Gentoo wherever they found a way. Be it forums, mailing lists, blogs or just random evangelism towards friends, family and pets. So what motivates people to defend Gentoo almost religiously?

Things not to do to your Gentoo

* rm -rf /
* kill -9 -1
* emerge --unmerge python

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More in Tux Machines

Leftovers: Gaming

Netflix in Steam OS

  • Developer brings Netflix to Steam OS: Linux Wrap
    He has posted the script on GitHub for others to try. It’s in really early stage of development but it’s surprising and at the same time disappointing to see that Valve made no efforts whatsoever to bring steaming services like Netflix to their platform that they plan to dominate the living room.
  • Developer Implements Netflix in SteamOS
    A developer has put together some tools (still under construction) that would allow users to use SteamOS to play Netflix. It's in its early stages, but the developer has made something that Valve hasn't even thought about until now.

Android Leftovers

Fedora 22 Coming Next Tuesday and Converting Users

At the Fedora release Go/No-Go meeting last night it was determined that three bugs were serious enough to violate the release readiness criteria. As a result, the Final was blocked and a second Go/No-Go was scheduled for today. The results of that meeting are in! Elsewhere, Jack Germain said, "Simplicity Linux is easy to use and runs fast" and Swapnil Bhartiya shared his secret to converting users to Linux. Read more