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TUX Issue #6 Now Available

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This issue features:

*From the Publisher: Linux Evolution
*From the Editor: Diary of a Well-Dressed Penguin
*Letters to the Editor
*Q&A with Mango Parfait
*P2P: 2005 TUX Readers' Choice Awards
*Home Plate: Digital Exhibitionism, Part I
*Suited Up: Open-Source Metadot Makes the Grade for Schools
*TUX Explains: Having the Audacity to Manipulate Sound
*TUX Explains: Introduction to Inkscape
*TUX Explains: Extending Thunderbird: the Best of All Worlds
*TUX Explains: Google Suggest Toolbar for Konqueror
*TUX Explains: The World Beyond KDE and GNOME
*Reviews: 2.0 Calc
*Reviews: Gadget Guy: Power to the People



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Clear Linux Is Among the First Distros to Adopt Kernel 4.7, X.Org Server 1.18.4

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