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Linux Disk Utilities

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Here is a list of useful disk utilities a friend of mine sent me by mail. Not sure where they come from, but I want to share them with you.

fdisk /dev/hda
(”fixed disk”. Execute as root.) Linux hard drive partitioning utility. In the example above, I specified that I would like to partition the first hard drive on the first IDE interface. Backup any important data before using fdisk on any partition.

cfdisk /dev/hda
(Execute as root) Hard drive partitioning utility, menu-based. Easier to use then fdisk. Physical drives can contain primary partitions (max 4 per disk), and logical partitions (no restriction on number). A primary partition can be bootable. Logical partitions must be contained within extended partitions; extended partitions are not usable by themselves, they are just a container for logical partitions. When partitioning a disk, you’d typically: create a primary partition then make the primary partition bootable, create an extended partition and then create logical partition(s) within the extended partition.

sfdisk -l -x | more

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