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Do we really need another packaging system?

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Recently I've been quoted by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for questioning the need for the LSB Package API. The kind of conversation going on over the LSB Package API has been a recurring theme ever since I started using Linux, and it contains quite a few fallacies I would like to put down. Most importantly, the most common theme I've heard is that this fancy new system could usher in a new era of easy package installation for users. Let's go over some of these myths.

MYTH: PackageKit is just one level of abstraction on top of package management that serves no purpose other than to make things more complex.

REALITY: As stated in said article, Linspire has also created such a layer. There is a huge difference between PK and CNR though. CNR is really more of a user based shopping center for packages that traditionally wrapped on top of Apt. I haven't looked at it at all in the past year, so I am not fully qualified to comment, but it seem to maintain that overall approach from what I've seen.

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