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Stuff That Works With Linux #3 - Huawei USB Modem

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MOBILE broadband has been getting a huge marketing push in the UK. But all the operators say their products - from USB dongles to PCI Express adaptors - are only for Windows or Mac.

Currently I have antiX Mepis 7.5 on my Linux partition and, as my recent review indicates, I am delighted with it.
With XP Pro, I have been using a Huawei E220 3G/HSDPA USB modem (, which came free with my 18-month contract with mobile operator 3.

The Huawei E220 resembles a small bar of soap and connects to your PC via a short mini-to-standard USB cable.

After using it for a couple of weeks with XP Pro (it works very well, I must confess), I started wondering if the E220 would work with Linux in general, and antiX specifically.

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