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Compiz Fusion and MPX and Input Redirection Patches are now out

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I figured that I should publish these before murphy’s law ensures that I either have a 1% chance of living the next day, or that the Australian Government censors me.

So, as previously said, the patches are now out today. Here is a list of what they contend of:

* All plugins that used mouse input can use input from all devices, not just the master device
* Fixes for the Input Redirection patches in the X Server
* Input Redirection support in shift, scale, freewins, shelf and ring
> (Expo and Ezoom are not included because they were difficult for me to do mathmatically, volunteers welcome)

So, wihout further ado, the patches are retrievable from my git repository, located at


Inside you will find three directories, xorg, compiz and fusion.

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