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GoblinX Releases G:Micro 3.0.beta01

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"The g:Micro, formerly known as GoblinX Micro, is the smallest distribution and contains only Fluxbox as windows manager and GTK/GTK2 based applications.

This G:Micro edition combines the simplicity and lightness of the Fluxbox with a brand new media management system based on GVFS and Nautilus. The desktop starts with Conky, Nautilus and Idesk enabled by default. Alltray is used to dock Nautilus and icons when usb devices are mounted. Xmms and PcManFM are added together with some libraries. Almost all applications are upgraded including Kernel(, Linuxlive(6.2.9), AuFS(1.89) and SquashFS(3.4). Below there is a list with the most important changes and some screenshots of the system."


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