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Minimal word processors

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I've just discovered two very interesting minimal word processors. They're designed by writers, for writers. They aim to get out of the way and let you just write, with no distractions.


First is PyRoom, which relies only on pygtk. It's really quite minimal and not distracting in the slightest, and easily themeable. I like it a lot. I created an ebuild, available here. Thank goodness for distutils!


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Enlightenment Development

  • Enlightenment image viewer Ephoto 1.0 released
    The fancy looking Ephoto 1.0 [Official Site, Git] for Enlightenment has been officially released recently with lots of useful features to manage your image library.
  • Enlightenment Working On OpenGL-Accelerated Evas Filters
    An Enlightenment developer has been working on support for accelerating EFL Evas filters with OpenGL shaders. Evas is Enlightenment's display canvas API. Those wishing to learn about Evas before reading this article can see this page.

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