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Linux isn't short of a few integrated development environments, but if your chosen development arena happens to be Qt, and/or KDE, the only viable option for the last eleven years has been KDevelop. KDevelop is a powerful application that supports many more languages than just C++, but the bewildering array of icons, panels, tabs, menus and windows are likely to scare beginners back to Blitz Basic.

There's a new version of KDevelop on the horizon, but Nokia has beaten them to the punch with Qt Creator, which comes included in the latest release of Qt 4.5 - that's the one with the LGPL licence.

In the beginning

Qt Creator has been designed to offer the programmer a smooth, integrated and powerful development environment. For the first time with Qt, you can create the GUI, write the code and debug your project from within the same application.

The killer feature is the embedded version of Qt Designer. Its inclusion means you can drag Qt widgets into the blank canvas of your application and switch to the source code immediately. To create a simple web browser, for instance, just drop the WebKit widget into your application, switch to the main window's source file and add the functionality you need.

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