Installing and Configuring Ubuntu on a Laptop

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I recently decided to buy myself a laptop. This is the first laptop I have ever purchased, and the first computer I've bought in about five years. I shopped around and tried to get an idea of what options are available, the average price for the feature set I wanted, and (most importantly) which models have successfully seen Linux installed on them.

The topic of Linux on the desktop has captured much media attention lately. While running Linux specifically on a laptop has attracted less attention, everything that applies to Linux on a desktop also applies to laptops. Why Linux, and why Linux on a laptop?

The Dell Inspiron 9300 met all of my "needs," but the $1,500 starting price tag for the entry model kept me looking for a different laptop. When my boss pointed me to an online coupon that dropped the price another $300, I jumped on it.

I decided to install Ubuntu because it builds on the mature foundation of Debian and has a large (and growing) user base and strong community support through web forums and IRC. I have been running it at work for a few months now and thoroughly enjoy it.

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