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who needs Linux? - Mrs. Murphy?

"Once Vista is easy to run Intel 845(needs accelerator by more shared video memory protected)"

Oh that is just like Microsoft...if only your hardware would support our software, we are good to go!

The neighbors have two older desktops (7-10 yrs old) neither one has more than 384megs of RAM, with pentium 4 celeron processors.

Neither can be inexpensively updated by ram or processor, but, AS THEY ARE, willingly and easily run modern Linux systems, offering full capabilities for Internet, Office suite, video and audio playback. Which is all the neighbor wishes! All the hardware is recognized, and utilized, without any special intervention, or searching the Internet for hardware supplier's drivers.

Two machines that had no MS support or on-going protection available against the vagaries of Internet viruses, are now running speedily and easily.

Oh, can they run the latest Photoshop? They wouldn't have done that even with their original Windows setup...but they have more chance of doing something equivalent using GIMP now!

So two more Linux machines to count! Oh for the record, PCLinuxOS 2009 and Linux Mint 6 (Fluxbox) were the rescuers!

God Bless

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