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10 KDE 4 desktop widgets to make you more productive

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If you’ve taken a look at KDE 4, you will have noticed significant changes to the desktop. Many people feel these changes have made the KDE desktop less usable. By default, I would say that is certainly the case. But with KDE 4 comes one addition to the desktop that helps it out significantly: widgets — tiny applications that reside on the desktop and serve one or more functions. Most new KDE 4 users have yet to experience what these widgets have to offer. But if you’re not taking advantage of these added tools, you’re not getting the full KDE 4 experience.

Quite a few widgets are available for the KDE 4 desktop. Some serve little to no function. Others, however, can make your day-to-day computing life much easier. Here are 10 widgets that will make you more productive.

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1: Folder View

This is one of the default widgets. You will find this widget on your desktop upon installation. There is a reason why the KDE 4 team has placed this widget on your desktop by default: It makes browsing folders easy. Imagine being able to have your home neatly displayed on your desktop so that all of your files and directories are right there. Having such easy access that does not get in the way of normal usage is a boon to power users. The Folder View widget stays in the background of your desktop, never obstructing your work, and allows you quick access to all of your directories and files. You can configure this Widget to display whatever directory you want. You can also set up filters that can keep the window from displaying certain types of files. In addition, Folder View will display previews of files, such as images.

2: Konqueror Profiles

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