First look to Firefox 3.5 RC2

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Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5 RC2, the second release candidate of the next major Firefox upgrade.

If you’ve been following Firefox 3.5 development you may realize there was no RC1 as expected. In fact, this is a new approach Mozilla is taking for this stage. As explained by Mike Beltzner, Firefox product director, basically, the first RC (not as thoroughly tested as a public RC but considered safe) is offered to beta users only so this large audience (around 900K users) can provide feedback while full QA is done on the build. With beta feedback and QA results a second RC is produced, quickly tested (as changes are minimal) and this one is released to the public, which has been the case. In short, RC1 existed but it didn’t make it for public availability.

In Linux, there are new icons for blocked plug-ins, while in Mac, the etch was removed from the Back/Forward keyhole shape introduced in Firefox 3.

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