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Has Debian lost control of its distribution?

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Ubuntu is a very well known Linux distribution. Those who have an interest in those things also know that Ubuntu is based on Debian. I currently use Ubuntu on several computers at work and I also use Debian at work and at home. So I guess you could say that I am pretty familiar with them. Just for the record I also use CentOS and Redhat Enterprise.

One thing I have noticed is that whenever there have been updates for the Ubuntu distributions there are, almost at the same time, updates for the Debian systems. Until recently, I was not sure whether it has been Debian updating and Ubuntu following or Ubuntu updating and giving their updates to Debian.

Debian is however, notoriously slow in its development while Ubuntu works on a rapid bi-yearly development cycle. So it is starting to seem to me that the Ubuntu folk have been more responsible for the Debian updates than the Debian developers are.

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