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No Ubuntu at TM

I'd stop visiting
16% (79 votes)
I'd visit more
38% (191 votes)
I'd visit less
13% (67 votes)
I'd visit the same
28% (139 votes)
What's Ubuntu?
5% (23 votes)
Total votes: 499

In a way, he's right

More than in a way actually.

I never have seen a waiver or disclaimer on TuxMachines that says it will only cover "X" specific Linux news, only that it carries Linux news.

Ubuntu is Linux, much to the dismay of many of folks. Myself, eh, it's Linux, not really a "bad" version per se (certainly not the 'best' either), but the community over there can be a bit obnoxious at times.

I am no personally sure how the news is aggregated here, if it's automated or handpicked. Sometimes it seems hand picked or at least, the selections of automated aggregation is personally edited.

If personal editing is involved, it would be relatively easy enough to cull the buntu options to be more on par with the number on other Linux news. That is, if one wanted to maintain a somewhat equal number of specific articles in the line up.

Just for chits and giggles, I blather on about Linux over at Polar Bears and Penguins and for some equally astounding reason, TuxMachines has elected to carry links to some of them Sometimes I marvel at the bravery (or is it audacity) in that.

I would certainly venture there is some specific editing of what to ink to happening here, because wisely, not every article posted at PBP is linked to from here.(nor should they all be. Sometimes I frighten myself with what gets posted over there.)

You women...

Susan, you're too sensitive. You women, you're too sensitive. Heck, you don't have to marry Shuttleworth, you don't have to love him, you don't have to sleep (euphemism for F-) with him, dammit!

This was from the minute zero a 100000000000000000% exaggeration!

It TM has to be affected by hormones (and sexist pride), it's your call, but it would be just stupid.

Restrictor Plate.

I think it should be called a News Aggravator! heh heh

Just please limit the ubuntu

Just please limit the ubuntu links. Nothing is more annoying than to come to Tux Machines and see 8 out of ten articles linked ubuntu related when I for one wouldnt use it under any circumstances and are really annoyed with the empty fanboy mentality most of the linked article contain. Ubuntu is at best third rate and thats being generous. There are many superior distros out there that should get some attention here but are very rarely if ever mentioned here. I dont want to name any as I dont want to appear an advocate of any particular distros. But come on at least limit the ubumtu links so you can cover some distros that are actually great and not just empty hype and joiner mentality based like ubuntu.

I agree...

Most of these links to Ubuntu are pretty bad fanboy drooling about nothing. There are a lot of distros that don't get mentioned much, if at all, like DreamLinux, Dynabolic, Mepis, Zenwalk, gOS, Knoppix, Crunchbang, DSL, Puppy, Vector...

BTW, I think it's a second rate Linux distro. As the red-headed stepchild, Kubuntu is third rate.

re: Limiting Ubuntu

You guys DO understand how a News Aggregate site works right?

Tuxmachines can ONLY work with what's out there. You don't have to like it, but in the arena of Linux "news", Ubuntu has waaaaaaay more articles then any other distro (probably more then all the other distros combined).

If stuff isn't being written about those other distros, how can Tuxmachine provide links to them?

I'm pretty sure Tuxmachines would be a much sparser site if it didn't include the unwashed horde of Ubuntu articles.

So don't bitch at Tuxmachines, either crank out an article or three about your favorite distro, or yell at those distros for having such dismal PR/Marketing/Fanboy skills.

You're kidding me, right?

You're kidding me, right? I never knew... All these years of using the internet from the very beginnings in the early/mid 1990's to now, posting countless responses to usenet groups, blogs, forums...and I don't have a clue what a news aggregate site is. I must be stupid...

My point was merely that there are a lot of Ubuntu slobbering blogs listed that are nothing but gloss overs and useless. We could skip those. I'm sure there are articles about some other distros out there, but they just haven't been submitted.

No Ubuntu at TM

For the background of this poll, see this blog entry.

Jar of worms

I think this jar of worms was already opened with the blog entry. I'm sure Mark would retract and apologise, which would also lead to a productive solution.

Bear in mind that myself and others _did_ try to communicate with Novell politely and have the deal revoked (_many_ in the OpenSUSE community did, including myself, with SUSE installed exclusively at home and at work). My activity at Boycott Novell started (and rants came into existence) _after_ Novell had made it clear that it chose Microsoft over the community and did not apologise. It was a management blunder with many victims.

Reasons not to boycott Ubuntu

I have just written down the reasons not to boycott Ubuntu. I hope Mark will apologise and Susan change her mind.

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today's leftovers

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Linux 4.17 Spring Cleaning To Drop Some Old CPU Architectures and Recent Torvalds Interview

  • Linux 4.17 Spring Cleaning To Drop Some Old CPU Architectures
    Longtime Linux kernel developer Arnd Bergmann is working to drop a number of old and obsolete CPU architectures from the next kernel cycle, Linux 4.17. The obsolete CPU architectures set to be removed include Blackfin, CRIS, FR-V, M32R, MN10300, META (Metag), and TILE. Managing to escape its death sentence is the Unicore32 architecture with its port maintainer claiming it's still actively being used and maintained.
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