New UI for When?

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I know some of you read the title and thought “Oh cool! I'm dying for a new user interface (UI). When will it finally be ready?” At the same time, some of you thought “Nooooooo! I like the UI already, even if there are a few little things here and there that annoy me. I wish they would stop this talk of a new UI.”

Before you read the more important stuff below this, let's just take a quick look at three basic questions.

1) Is there going to be a new UI for
Yes. Improvements in interaction design (usability) will result in changes for the user interface. Good interaction design considers how fast you can do tasks which occur quite frequently and how easy you can figure out things you've never done before. BTW, "New UI" isn't a very exact term. We could just as easily say "revised UI" or "updated UI".

2) When will it be done?

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