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Where has my network gone?

While Linux is a very simple and easy to understand operating system it can sometimes be confusing. What? You say. Linux..simple? Easy to understand? What are you on Locutus? You ask. I assure you that I am not on anything. It is a work day after all. Maybe on Friday night Smile

Seriously, Linux is a simple operating system. The way it is designed makes it very robust and once people understand the basic structure of the operating system it is easy to find things when they go wrong. Yes, things do go wrong with Linux, as they do with all other operating systems. Fortunately most of the things which go wrong with Linux are configuration related and on average can be fixed quicker than can be done with other operating systems.

To take a case in point. I have a Linux system (Ubuntu for those who wish to know) which has been through several different cases. In other words the hard disk has been moved amongst several different boxes. When that hard disk was moved the only thing which was needed to be configured were the graphic card drivers for the X window system. Everything else seemed to work just fine.

In the last box everything worked fine for a couple of weeks then one day the end user could not log in.

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