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Measuring the popularity of distros – Part 2 Google Trends

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Yesterday I did a post about using the Distrowatch rankings to measure the popularity of various distros. Today I’m going to use another tool, Google Trends.

A more difficult distro to use (such as Arch) may get more google’s than a distro that is designed to run smoothly with no configuration. However, in reverse, distro’s that are more aimed at Linux beginners (such as Ubuntu) will probably get more google’s than a distro aimed at expert users (such as Slackware) so maybe the 2 will balance each other out?

There is also the issue that a distro with a generalised name (such as Mint) will definately have some google’s that are nothing to do with the distro whatsoever.

So, first, the 5 most popular distro’s according to distrowatch? Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, openSUSE and PCLinuxOS.

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