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Ubuntu 10.04

17% (241 votes)
It's good
17% (245 votes)
Better than 9.10
8% (109 votes)
Worse than 9.10
3% (38 votes)
Has issues
6% (88 votes)
Awful, terrible!
2% (25 votes)
I don't use Ubuntu
48% (680 votes)
Total votes: 1426

Ubuntu 10.04 hardware recognition

On my 4 year old eMachines T5212 desktop, Lucid is broken.
-Most important, the motherboard Ethernet adapter which was recognized by Ubuntu from Fiesty to Karmic is not recognized.
-Sound is muted by default, although the sound works.
-Doesn't recognize my OEM, PS/2 connected, keyboard with the standard USA keyboard driver, although that is what I have been using. Keyboard either locks up or repeats the last key pressed indefinitely until unit is restarted.

I'm staying with Karmic on this machine (Debian Lenny as an alternate boot) until I can find a later version of Ubuntu which might work.

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