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Can't Wait!
16% (242 votes)
Mildly excited
14% (219 votes)
not excited
7% (105 votes)
7% (107 votes)
dreading it
8% (120 votes)
use KDE
39% (598 votes)
use Other
9% (145 votes)
Total votes: 1536

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How Intel HD Graphics On Linux Compare To Open-Source AMD/NVIDIA Drivers With Steam On Linux

As earlier this week I did a 20-way AMD Radeon open-source comparison, looked at the most energy efficient Radeon GPUs for Linux gaming, and then yesterday provided a look at the fastest NVIDIA GPUs for open-source gaming with Nouveau, in this article is a culmination of all the open-source graphics tests this week while seeing how Intel Haswell HD Graphics fall into the mix against the open-source Radeon R600/RadeonSI and Nouveau NV50/NVC0 graphics drivers. Read more

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