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How to build a successful website

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There are so many websites on the Internet today that it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. To get an idea of how many sites there are on the net, do a search on Google for the letter A. That's a pretty common letter and should report back a very large number of websites containing the letter. At the time of this writing, it returned a total of 3.5 billion sites. Think about it... that's one massive amount of sites out there that you are competing against. Sure, not every one of them will be covering the same content you are, but you are still competing against them just the same. You are still one site out of 3.5 billion (at least with the letter A). Of course this number is probably not very accurate and I'm sure there are far more sites on the Internet now, but we can use this as a basis for out measurements. Your site is just a needle in a haystack, and a very big haystack at that.

What I want to share with you today is a few of the things I've learned along the way to getting Mad Penguin to where it's at today. Currently it is in the top 8,000 sites on the Internet (out of 74+ million sites monitored by NetCraft as of February 2006), and it was all done on a $25.00 budget. You heard me right: $25.00.

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Big Head

Sound like the boy got a case of the big head. He forgot to thank the little folks that helped him along the way and posted his articles on THEIR websites when he couldnt get any play from the big boys. Thanks for remembering us.

Re: Big Head

Texstar wrote:

Sound like the boy got a case of the big head. He forgot to thank the little folks that helped him along the way and posted his articles on THEIR websites when he couldnt get any play from the big boys. Thanks for remembering us.

I know what you mean, if it wasn't for pclinuxonline and distrowatch we'd be nowhere. And if you check my stats page you'll find that we are getting quite a few hits from too. A lot of our hits come from google searches and cumulative from smaller sites. is sending a lot here as well as opensuse too.

I always try to remember to thank everyone in my quarterly reports and link back when I get a chance. It's just so rude to forget those that link to you. I've linked to madpenguin many times because they write some good articles. Their reviews kick ass, but some of mine are pretty good too. He ain't never linked to me as far as I know.

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