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Pinguy OS - Jack of all trades, master of none

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What is Pinguy? It's a heavily tweaked minimal Ubuntu, designed to be usable out of the box by non-geeks. Now, by default, Ubuntu is friendly and balances aesthetics with functionality fairly well. Any deviation from this formula could be a spell of genius or a stroke of disaster; yes, in that order. Some managed to fork Ubuntu into great works of art; others floundered mightily. It can get tiresome, especially if you go through distro testing like a DU sabot penetrating a T-55 armor. But without pride or prejudice, I took Pinguy for a ride.

Live CD - Overwhelming

Now that I've built enough suspense to make you intrigued, let's enjoy this test. The boot menu is the simple Remastersys menu with a bald guy image. Then, Pinguy boots into what can only be called an overwhelming desktop. The distro is pleasant looking overall with a cool wallpaper, but it's just too detailed.

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