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So, I was looking at the famous Mandriva bug #63085 this days, and looking and all that packages assigned to that nomaintainer guy.. and decided to grab them for myself, and see how really difficult is to update/maintain/ fix stack on Mandriva. I had some previous XFree86/ development/hacking knowledge already, but it had been some 5 years or so since I last touched that codebase, so… I took a shot.

Surprisingly, it was really not that hard. X11 protocol, even being insanely over-engineered and complex, is very well-thought (I’d say ‘overthought’ actually). The biggest problem came with the

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    It's been five almost five months since the developers behind the Debian-based Devuan GNU/Linux operating system launched the second Beta version towards the first stable release of the OS, and they now announced the Release Candidate. The Devuan project continues its vision of providing a libre Debian fork without using the systemd init system, and the Release Candidate (RC) version brings the GNU/Linux distribution closer to a final release. The interesting fact is that this RC appears to be stable enough to be used for production work.
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    A new version of the Budgie desktop is available to install on Ubuntu. Budgie 10.3 adds a new Alt+Tab switcher, and brings a stack of bug fixes to the table.
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    Partners Canonical, openHAB Foundation and Azul Systems have collaborated hard to drive development of the new openHAB 2.0 smart-home platform as a snap package. An alternative to Apple Homekit and Samsung SmartThings, openHAB from openHAB Foundation is completely free and open source, and acts as a control hub for home IoT setups.