Number Of Firefox Users Selecting ‘Do Not Track’ Has Quadrupled

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How do you dramatically increase the number of people using a privacy feature in just a few months? Apparently, just by putting it somewhere they can find it. A new study shows that more than 6 percent of users of the newest version of Firefox are now selecting the “Do Not Track” privacy option, probably because it’s much easier to find than on the previous version.

Mozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser, was the first browser company to install a “Do Not Track” option in its software. Just a few months ago, the company’s privacy chief said that of the 160 million people using Firefox, the rate of Do Not Track (DNT) users was between 1 and 2 percent.

The new study, by Krux Digital, measured the privacy options of more than 100 million Firefox users worldwide, and found that usage of DNT in the new version of Firefox has increased to more than 6% of the user-base.

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