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Mozilla Proposes 42-Week Release Cycle For Firefox in Businesses

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Mozilla has published a proposal for an extended support release (ESR) version for Firefox versions that are deployed in business environments. The extended release cycle is designed to alleviate the burden of the 6-week rapid releases and respective support cycles by replacing them with 42-week versions.

According to the proposal, A new Firefox 8.0 “ESR” would be released together with the regular Firefox 8. Firefox 9 would become Firefox 8.0.1 ESR, Firefox 10 would be released as Firefox 8.02 ESR, and so on. At the sixth regular release cycle, business are asked to transition with Firefox 8.0.5 ESR to Firefox 13.0 ESR and they will have two release cycles or 12 weeks to qualify the release for their environment. Support Firefox 8 ESR will be discontinued once the third version of Firefox 13 ESR is released.

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