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Going Thin for the Consumer...

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While the concept of the Thin client has caught on in the world of the office it's not really set the consumer world alight. In many offices in an attempt to keep the costs of ne hardware down companies such as VMware and Citrix have been running rampant over the last few years going full circle on the 1970's mainframe ideas except this time feeding Windows Desktops straight out of the comms room onto users desktops.


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ACPI, kernels and contracts with firmware

This ends up being a pain in the neck in the x86 world, but it could be much worse. Way back in 2008 I wrote something about why the Linux kernel reports itself to firmware as "Windows" but refuses to identify itself as Linux. The short version is that "Linux" doesn't actually identify the behaviour of the kernel in a meaningful way. "Linux" doesn't tell you whether the kernel can deal with buffers being passed when the spec says it should be a package. "Linux" doesn't tell you whether the OS knows how to deal with an HPET. "Linux" doesn't tell you whether the OS can reinitialise graphics hardware. Read more