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April 2012 Issue of The PCLinuxOS Magazine

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The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the April 2012 issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine.

In the March 2012 issue:

* Gnome 2.32: Graphics Extras
* Gnome 2.32: Say Cheese!
* Some Gnome Post-Install Tips
* Keep Your System Up-To-DateWith Update Notifier
* Linux Financial Apps: iFreeBudget
* A Short Review: MuseScore
* Alternate OS: PC-BSD, Part 1
* Forum Foibles: Crumbs Between the Keys
* Linux Liaison in New Zealand High Schools
* Searching For Answers on the PCLinuxOS Forum
* And much more!

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Learning The Linux File System

Before we get started, let’s avoid any confusion. There are two meanings to the term “File System” in the wonderful world of computing: First, there is the system of files and the directory structure that all of your data is stored in. Second, is the format scheme that is used to write data on mass storage devices like hard drives and SSD’s. We are going to be talking about the first kind of file system here because the average user will interact with his or her file system every time they use a computer, the format that data is written in on their storage devices is usually of little concern to them. The many different file systems that can be used on storage is really only interesting to hardware geeks and is best saved for another discussion. Now that that’s cleared up, we can press on. (Read the rest at Freedom Penguin)

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Red Hat and Fedora

FreeNAS 10 Enters Alpha, Brings Lots of New Technologies, Based on FreeBSD 10.2

FreeNAS' Jordan Hubbard was proud to announce the other day, October 8, the release and immediate availability for download of the first Alpha build of the upcoming FreeNAS open source Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. Read more