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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 455

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Ubuntu 12.04
  • News: BBC on Ubuntu 12.04, plans for "Quantal Quetzal", Debian infographic
  • Opinions: An experiment in looking in from the outside
  • Released last week: OpenBSD 5.1, Puppy Linux 5.3.3 "Slacko"
  • Donations: Slackware Linux receives US$500.00

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Ten Years as Desktop Linux User: My Open Source World, Then and Now

I've been a regular desktop Linux user for just about a decade now. What has changed in that time? Keep reading for a look back at all the ways that desktop Linux has become easier to use -- and those in which it has become more difficult -- over the past ten years. I installed Linux to my laptop for the first time in the summer of 2006. I started with SUSE, then moved onto Mandriva and finally settled on Fedora Core. By early 2007 I was using Fedora full time. There was no more Windows partition on my laptop. When I ran into problems or incompatibilities with Linux, my options were to sink or swim. There was no Windows to revert back to. Read more