Is the 'perfect desktop' attainable?

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After my review of Ubuntu 12.04 last week, I received a lot of email responses. Some of these missives agreed with me and some did not. But all of them, regardless of stance, pointed toward one simple idea: The perfect desktop is a lofty, but unachievable goal. How can I say that, after my slurping proclamations of Precise Pangolin? It’s pretty simple actually. Let me ask you a question: What makes up the perfect desktop?

That, my friends, is the killer question. Tucked within some of the emails I received were clear and precise reasons why 12.04 was or was not the perfect desktop — for the writer. Some writers needed multiple desktops to behave in very specific ways (ways they grew to love from another desktop UI). Still, others enjoyed the slick new HUD of 12.04 and felt it one of the best application menu systems to date.

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