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The best of Linux - made on a Mac

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The Linux Foundation has released a video of what it sees as the 2012 highlights for Linux - but the presence of decent video-creation and editing software running on Linux does not seem to be one of them.

Else, why did the Foundation choose to use a Mac to make this video? Is it meant to rub in the fact that Linux still lacks, in many areas, the spit, polish and ease-of-use that Apple boasts of? Or is it because the man running the show, Jim Zemlin, has a ready defence when asked about it? Zemlin never responds to inquiries and his defence is like that of Microsoft's famous "security through obscurity" approach. Or like Manuel in Fawlty Towers - "I know nothing."

The Foundation appears to believe that the spread of Android is a good thing - even though there is much that is not open about this mobile operating system.

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why do you keep linking articles from Sam Varghese???

The guy is an Idiot living from spreading FUD.
Like Microsoft is reporting every breach they had. Linux dev's came forward and
said we where hacked.


Amen. The guy is an idiot. Please stop giving him publicity.

re: Sam Varghese?

I'll try to remember.

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