When should you switch to or install a new Linux distribution?

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When should you switch Linux distributions? The easy answer is never, especially when the current Linux distribution you're running at home or on your server is working as smoothly as James Bond's pick-up lines. It can be very easy for new Linux users to be swayed by the announcements of other Linux distributions listed in sites like Distrowatch and Linux.com. Veteran Linux users and professionals already know the answer to this question. Users of rolling-release distributions from Archlinux, Debian, and openSUSE are pretty much married to their Linux choice. Enterprise IT staff are also generally content with their current setup and are very cautious about any changes to their chosen operating system. Home users and Linux enthusiasts like myself, on the other hand, can flirt with other Linux distributions regularly. So when exactly should you switch to/install a new Linux distribution?

1.You recently bought a new desktop, ultraportable, laptop, or netbook.

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