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Fav Distro, Spring '13

31% (784 votes)
3% (81 votes)
15% (391 votes)
Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS
4% (111 votes)
7% (167 votes)
15% (370 votes)
Arch et al.
8% (191 votes)
0% (8 votes)
3% (68 votes)
3% (76 votes)
1% (13 votes)
1% (36 votes)
free *BSD
1% (22 votes)
9% (217 votes)
Total votes: 2535

Favorite Distro voting

I think this list is incomplete... there are several other good distros that are not in this list.

I guess some people wanted to make sure Ubuntu won....

Big Grin

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Teaching open source changed my life

Teaching open source has been a breath of fresh air for myself and for many of our students because with the open source way, there are no official tests. There is no official certification for the majority of open source projects. And, there are no prescribed textbooks. In open source, no employer worth working for will ask for official proof of your abilities. A good employer will look at what you’ve done and ask you to showcase what you can do. Yes, it still helps to have a Computer Science degree, but the lack of one is often no drawback. Read more