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Multi-story News Pages? (Multiple links/lists in one page)

I'm fine with the

I'm fine with the multi-lists, but it'd be good if the links were 'active' in the RSS feeds so I don't have to click to get to tuxmachines then click on each link in the list. I understand why you'd do it that way, though Smile

Redirect to original

I agree that LXer style linking (with redirect to original) would be preferable, but Drupal's support for that is limited and may require new modules.

When it comes to digests (leftovers etc.), I might try to group by topic and use a suitable title. I need to get my workflow right; this can take a few more days. I am still learning/training myself. The ultimate goal is to maximise convenience to readers, not ad revenue or something like that. This site is a service, not a business.

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