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Linux Grows Among The Lupins In WA

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Linux is growing along with the wheat, barley, chickpeas, and lupins in Perenjori, a small shire in Western Australia, thanks to a man named Barry Kauler.

Kauler is the man behind "Puppy" ( -- a 60MB CD bootable GNU Linux based operating system that can run on old PCs with very little RAM. Version two of the distro looks set for release in April.

There is also a 90MB version called "Chubby Puppy" which includes Open Office. Booting from CD, Puppy can save everything back to the CD so there is no need for a hard drive. It can also load totally into RAM so that the CD drive is free for other purposes. It will install from USB, Zip or hard drive media. It aims to offer all the applications you need for daily use in an easy to use, fast and secure way.

The distro was named after Kauler's dog that went missing, "Probably off to teach kangaroos how to use Linux," he said.

"Puppy is designed to be very easy to use, with a Windows 98 look and feel, kind of but better, with lots of GUI Wizards. There's a little GUI application for everything," Kauler said.

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