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SteamOS 1.0 is Here, Based on Debian 7.1

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SteamOS 1.0 was made available for download today through Valve-owned In the SteamOS FAQ, we discover that SteamOS 1.0 is based on Debian 7.1 stable. Some of the changes for Steam include backporting eglibc 2.17 from Debian testing, updating the kernel to 3.10.11, and auto-updates from the Valve SteamOS repos. Valve chose Debian because they felt it "is the best way for Valve to deliver a fully custom SteamOS experience" to its customers.

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Linux 4.1-rc2

So the -rc2's have lately been pretty small - looking more like late -rc's than early ones. It *used* to be that I couldn't even post the shortlog, because it was just too big. That's not been the case for the last few releases. I think people tend to take a breather after the merge window, because the -rc3's tend to then be a bit bigger again. But it may just also be that I've just gotten much better at saying "the merge window is over, I'm not taking random stragglers", or that people are just getting better at keeping to the merge window. Whatever the reason, the time of huge -rc2's seems to be happily behind us. Read more

GNOME 3.17.1 released

Hi GNOMErs! The development of the next GNOME release, 3.17, has started, and the first snapshot, 3.17.1, is now available. To compile GNOME 3.17.1, you can use the jhbuild [1] modulesets [2] (which use the exact tarball versions from the official release). [1] [2] The release notes that describe the changes between 3.16.1 and 3.17.1 are available. Go read them to learn what's new in this release: core - apps - The GNOME 3.17.1 release is available here: core sources - apps sources - Read more

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