Novell comments on its transition to Linux desktops

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A news item out of Australia April 11 reported that Novell President Ron Hovsepian, speaking at a press event in Sydney, candidly remarked that "about 2,000 [Novell] employees right now out of 5,000 are single-boot only, which is Linux only, the rest are dual-boot [Linux or Windows]."

In a CNET story titled "Novell's shift to open source makes slow progress," reporter Renai LeMay wrote, "Novell may be evangelizing Linux and Open Office on the desktop, but more than half of its own employees can still boot Microsoft Windows and Office if they wish."

Companies generally are expected to use their own products, whenever possible. Customers, partners, and the public at large tend become skeptical of a company that does not "eat its own dog food," as the saying goes. contacted Novell Director of Global Public Relations Bruce Lowry for Novell's comment on the CNET report. We received the following email reply from Lowry:

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