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2014 in Tux Machines

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OUR FIRST couple of months at Tux Machines were pleasurable and we hope that readers found the links we've shared valuable. We even posted links while on vacation, i.e. away from home.

Migration of the site to Drupal 7 (and another server) has been planned for over a month now and it did not happen over Christmas because if things go wrong, not much help will be at hand. We have already tested a prototype of the site and it will need to be upgraded, integrated, etc. Whether we can retain the existing theme (compatibility changes between major releases of Drupal) remains to be seen, but the format of the site will definitely stay the same.

Happy new year to all our readers, whom we very much value. This site is a public service.

original tuxmachines theme

Happy new year!
I like the original tuxmachines theme. it's clean and light colors.
Maybe it can be ported to drupal 7? Smile

If the theme is not a drop-in

If the theme is not a drop-in addition for Drupal 7, then I will try to hack some CSS and make it similar enough.

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