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Thank You.

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I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has visited my site since the upgrade, especially those who have registered. It was something I had thought about for a while, and finally bit the bullet. I really like the drupal look & feel and am starting to get used to way it works. I'm finding that I'm still kinda feeling around in the dark looking for some direction or focus for the site. I really didn't aim to be another linux news site. I'm sure I will find my niche in time.

To that end, you the visitor/user can help. With registration one can post blogs, make pages and post news or items of interest. One can even upload pictures or screenshots to the gallery (my apologizes for requiring seperate registration - the integration module is broken at this time). Anonymous users can post comments in any of the areas. So, with your help, we can make this the kind of site you'd like to visit.

A special thanks goes out to Texstar, whose help and support has made the kickoff of what I consider a success. I want to especially thank him for kindly, if not reluctantly, agreeing to the interview that has reaped my site it's most popular story so far and for posting other items of interest.

So, thanks one and all for visiting and please come back anytime. Feel free to contact me privately if you wish using the Contact Me link under Older Content on the left if you have any thoughts or suggestions, to report broken links, or anything you'd rather not post about in public.

Thank You all and [your diety] Bless,

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