Mandriva betas CNR-like download service

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Mandriva Linux's premium-service members now have exclusive access to the beta version of a new online catalog/download service that makes identifying and installing new software simple for even a novice Linux user, the company announced April 25.

Mandriva Club members at the silver level ($132 per year) and above now have access to Mandriva Kiosk Lite, an online service similar to Linspire's CNR (click and run) application download service. Mandriva Kiosk Lite is currently in open beta testing.

"This new service makes it as simple as one click (plus your root password!) to install 'bundles' of software, such as KDE 3.5 and 2.0," Mandriva said in its release announcement. "Mandriva Kiosk Lite currently contains i586 (not x86-64) bundles of KDE 3.5, 2.0, GNOME 2.12 and Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5, and is supported under Mandriva Linux 2006 Official and Mandriva One 2006."

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