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Interview: Bruce Perens on GPLv3 embedded consequences

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GPLv3 will likely be adopted for Linux kernel, according to luminary Bruce Perens (pictured at left). "It's a negotiation... I'm expecting the embedded manufacturers and the Free Software Foundation and Linus to get the license to a point they can all live with," Perens says.

He adds, "There are people like Eben Moglen on the job, who understand how to bring people together."

Moglen (pictured at right) heads up the Software Freedom Law Center, which released the first GPLv3 draft this January, after a year or more of work. A copy of the current draft is available here.

We called Perens for a reaction to Richard Stallman's speech at the GPLv3 conference in Brazil last month, in which the GPL author appeared to suggest the new license would require devices to run user-modified kernels, if based on GPL-licensed software, by mandating the release of keys used to sign OS binaries.

Initially, Linus Torvalds reacted strongly to the draft GPLv3's key sharing requirement, calling it "insane." However, he may have misunderstood the language as applicable to developers' personal cryptographic keys, according to Perens.

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