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June 2006 of TUX, Issue 14

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The June 2006 issue of TUX is now available to download.

This issue features:

*From the Publisher: Open Source Software: the Best Way to Ensure You Have Choices in the Future
*From the Editor: Linspire Embraces the Open Source Community with a Proprietary Solution
*Letters to the Editor
*P2p: Q&A with Mango Parfait
*Home Plate: Learning Foreign Languages with jVLT and StarDict
*Home Plate: Creating Web Pages with Nvu
*TUX Explains: Konquer Your File Management with KIO
*TUX Explains: Linux RSS Readers: Blam!, Lifera and RSSOwl
*Reviews: Xandros - A Final Look but Not the Last
*Gadget Guy: Storage on the Go
*Diversions: OpenTTD




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