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June 2006 of TUX, Issue 14

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The June 2006 issue of TUX is now available to download.

This issue features:

*From the Publisher: Open Source Software: the Best Way to Ensure You Have Choices in the Future
*From the Editor: Linspire Embraces the Open Source Community with a Proprietary Solution
*Letters to the Editor
*P2p: Q&A with Mango Parfait
*Home Plate: Learning Foreign Languages with jVLT and StarDict
*Home Plate: Creating Web Pages with Nvu
*TUX Explains: Konquer Your File Management with KIO
*TUX Explains: Linux RSS Readers: Blam!, Lifera and RSSOwl
*Reviews: Xandros - A Final Look but Not the Last
*Gadget Guy: Storage on the Go
*Diversions: OpenTTD




More in Tux Machines

OpenMediaVault 1.0 review

OpenMediaVault is a NAS/SAN Linux distribution that I first wrote about on this site back in January 2013. That was when the version 0.4.11 was released. The latest version, a milestone release, is OpenMediaVault 1.0. It is based on Debian 7 and uses that distribution’s ncurses installer, just like Ubuntu server. This is a distribution you want to use if you are looking for an easy-to-use and feature-rich solution to set up a NAS for yourself. The browser-based management interface on this latest edition is a lot better than the one that shipped with previous editions. And it is also responsive. Read more

SUSE Parent Merger, Microsoft Copying Linux, and Predictions

Today in Linux news SUSE owner, The Attachmate Group, announced a merger with Micro Focus leaving openSUSE users nervous. The Register says the new Microsoft Windows 9 is incorporating features long in use in Linux. Bryan Lunduke looked back at 23 years of Linux predictions to "make fun of them." Aaron Seigo, KDE developer, said recently that community managers are a "fraud and farce." And finally today, there is a release candidate for Fedora 21 Alpha! Read more

Leftovers: Gaming

Leftovers: Software