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Novell's Fight for Respect

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In many ways, Novell is a lot like many other midsize software companies. All are struggling to reinvent themselves in a world where big deals are being won mainly by the likes of Oracle, IBM and SAP -- and where business models are being upended by such trends as open source and so-called "software as a service," where vendors make wares accessible over the Internet and rely more on monthly subscriptions than up-front license fees.

But Novell has had a key advantage over its peers. In 2003, it acquired Germany's Suse Linux, then second only to Red Hat (RHAT) in supporting and installing Linux, the free operating system that runs on more than a quarter of the world's servers and is slowly making inroads on desktops and other areas. As evidence of how hot this market is, Red Hat's stock has more than doubled in the past year. Even Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison says he's considering a jump into Linux.

The problem for Novell, though, is that the company is having a hard time capitalizing on the Linux buzz.

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