PPPoE muddle in Debian over Ubuntu: a story

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I have to admit that network scripts in RedHat/CentOS/Fedora, and also SuSE and even Mandriva, are somehow better than the Debian way, in some particular occasions.

My case involves a SpeedTouch 360 ADSL Modem (Ethernet), and a PPPoE connection.

If the ADSL modem is ppp0 and the Ethernet card connected to it is eth0, it's obviously enough that Roaring Penguin's PPPOE module (rp-pppoe or pppoe) will take care of configuring eth0 -- eth0 will be configured with DHCP.

Everything works 100% hassle-free in "whatever RedHat-like" (including SuSE). What happens weird in Debian Sarge, Debian unstable and Ubuntu?

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