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Benchmarking The Latest AMD Radeon & NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards On Ubuntu Linux

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Today we're looking at the performance of the latest proprietary graphics drivers on the Linux desktop at the time of testing: NVIDIA 352.09 Beta and the Catalyst 15.4 Beta as packaged for Ubuntu Vivid -- fglrx 15.20.2 / OpenGL 4.4.13374. Later in the week should be the open-source Intel/AMD/NVIDIA Linux graphics driver results for celebrating the Phoronix birthday. For this article there were 17 graphics cards tested all supported by these latest proprietary drivers -- the graphics cards used were those that were available and in my possession at the time of testing, which sways to the NVIDIA side. There's basically every major NVIDIA graphics card covered given they're frequently sending out samples to Phoronix for Linux testing while in the past few years on the AMD side they have barely sent out any GPUs for Linux testing... All of the AMD GCN GPUs tested in this article were retail GPUs I purchased. Anyhow, the graphics cards able to be tested for this article were:

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