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  • Introducing Stephen Mahood, system administrator

    With our shared vision, me and Walton created the Cyberunions podcast. We began before—but in the same year as—the Occupy movement. We discussed in great detail software that we knew would be beneficial to the labor movement, as well as elements in the labor movement that free software communities could adopt. Walton and I had and continue to have visions of labor unions funding free software, but we also felt it was a struggle to convince a union to use free software, let alone support its development. The podcast has been around for a while now, though we have been bad about keeping it up to date as of late—but there are plans to bring it back.

  • Linux Foundation and edX offer new course as starting point for in-demand Linux careers
  • Want a career in Linux? Take this edX course
  • KDBUS Might Try Again For Mainline Inclusion With Linux 4.2 Kernel

    While KDBUS tried to be included for Linux 4.1, it was ultimately rejected for this current Linux kernel development cycle. However, it looks like developers might be gearing up to try to push it into the Linux 4.2 kernel.

  • Making collaboration sustainable

    In The Open Organization Jim Whitehurst decries this "'Tom Sawyer' model of collaboration," in which organizations treat external communities as Tom treated his buddies: as gullible drones willing to work without any promise of reciprocation. It's the model of collaboration at work in so many accounts of successful "crowdsourcing" efforts, where companies tap the creativity and wisdom of communities simply to further their own ends. It's an approach that's just not sustainable, Whitehurst writes. How many times could Tom expect his friends to work for him without receiving anything in return?

  • Final Call for DebConf15 Proposals

    The deadline for submitting proposals is approaching, with only 12 days left to submit your event by June 15th. Events submitted after that date might not be part of the official DebConf schedule.

  • Announcing i386 netboot iso for Devuan (Alpha 2)
  • SourceForge under fire again for seizing Nmap account
  • Black “mirror”: SourceForge has now taken over Nmap audit tool project [Updated]

    SoureForge has sworn off its ways of wrapping "unmaintained" code from open source projects in installers that offer bundled commercial products in the wake of objections raised by some open source communities. But one policy remains in effect—the takeover of project pages SourceForge's staff decides are inactive, and assignment of ownership of those projects to staff accounts. One of the latest projects grabbed in this way is the Nmap security auditing tool.

  • Survey: Despite Open Source Community Gripes About Apple, Most Still Use It [132 self-selected respondents who use a particular bit of software, not "Open Source Community"]
  • Mac Asay: Open source vs. Apple: The holy war that wasn't

    Actually, the very term "open source" suggests a more relaxed view on software sharing, having displaced its GPL-wielding free software cousins years back. Whereas a free sourceror wouldn't be caught dead using anything other than (GNU) Linux, open sourcerors are happy to use whatever works.

  • Being SELF-ish: Linux Comes to the GNU South

    That said, the next stop on the Magical Linux-y Tour will be in North Carolina — you’ll see the link in the upper right of this page — the SouthEast LinuxFest, known more commonly by its acronym SELF (FOSS Force is a Supporting Sponsor), takes place next weekend in Charlotte. For three days, June 12-14 to be precise, Jeremy Sands and the rest of the crew at SELF bring Linux, BSD and FOSS to what has lately become my favorite geographical location, by name: the GNU/South.

  • Cisco acquires Piston Cloud Computing, will use to ramp up Intercloud offerings

    Piston gives Cisco more muscle around distributed systems and automated deployment, in addition to adding another level of infrastructure to the Cisco OpenStack private cloud.

  • Does Hadoop Need Governance? Datameer Says Yes

    Datameer, which is billed as a big data insights platform for rapid data discovery, has announced new data governance capabilities for its native Hadoop environment. We've been reporting on indications that many enterprises are finding Hadoop, well, very hard to deploy and manage. Datameer acknowledges that Hadoop is complex to deploy and use effectively, and notes that "analysts and administrators alike need an easier way to navigate data pipelines that have been developed by multiple departments and participants, and involve multiple data sources."

  • IBM Acquires Managed OpenStack Vendor BlueBox
  • LibreOffice/Document Foundation Bonanza

    Next to Linux or Android, LibreOffice is one of the most active FLOSS projects in the world. Arguably, it is one of the keys to liberating the desktop from Wintel as the office suite is one of Wintel’s key lock-ins for business. With moves to create a web-based version and one for Android/Linux, the future is bright however IT diversifies. Anyone considering the cost of IT should look at the office suite. Almost everyone uses one.

  • WSO2 and Profesia Srl Partner to Offer Flexible, Open Source SOA Solutions to Customers in the Italian Market
  • The Software Paradox – Available Now

    It’s available as a free download from O’Reilly

  • How open software has become a source of grief for tech majors like Cisco, IBM & Oracle

    Industry bodies US-India Business Council and the Confederation of Indian Industry have urged the government to reconsider its push for open source software that will cut the cost of licensing from big companies such as Cisco, IBM and Oracle.

  • Nordic countries to cooperate on open government

    Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have decided to cooperate on their open government strategies and implementations. To begin with, they will share their national OGP work and jointly promote open data.

  • Rewind on Aryeom and Jehan’s Open videos

    The concept was an interactive video included in an HTML canvas. People could upload a photograph and an address (using OpenStreetMap assets), to show their support to Mozilla, and their image would show embedded during video viewing on the right coordinates in the drawn world map. The actual page which won is still up, with the interactive video version.


    This all coupled with more GIMP, Blender, Ardour, Synfig, etc. improvements, we should soon be able to have a very powerful ecosystem on GNU/Linux for any kind of movie making and animation.

  • New data science major aligns with growing corporate needs

    The University established a new data science major, which will be subsumed under LSA’s Statistics Department and the College of Engineering’s Division of Computer Science and Engineering. The new major will be available in Fall 2015 to both LSA and Engineering students.

  • Denver Will Expand its Use of Expeditionary Learning's Open Source Curriculum

    EL said that downloads of its ELA curriculum recently reached 3.2 million, an increase of 50 percent since last August. The organization will also deliver professional development to 600 teachers and administrators throughout the district, starting this summer.

  • Why my doctor prescribed me open hardware

    I recall a senior medical doctor once saying that being a practitioner nowadays is much more difficult than ever before, because when people get diagnosed, they go home to search the web, and often come back with tough questions. Open hardware for physiological computing isn’t making it any easier, but it seems like that’s not a bad thing.

  • ARM Unveils SoC Subsystem to Speed Up IoT Chip Development

    The chip designer also reportedly is looking to buy another security technology vendor to bulk up its expertise in the Internet of things.

  • Security advisories for Wednesday
  • New SOHO router security audit uncovers over 60 flaws in 22 models

    In yet another testament of the awful state of home router security, a group of security researchers uncovered more than 60 vulnerabilities in 22 router models from different vendors, most of which were distributed by ISPs to customers.

  • More Concerns Arise Over Locking Down the Internet of Things

    It notes that Western Digital hard drives are cloud-enabled now and are transferring data to insecure cloud servers, and it cites the fact that a survey of more than 500 IT and security professionals found that 23 percent of respondents have no mitigating control over users connecting unauthorized devices to networks.

More in Tux Machines

Xfce’s Apps Update for November 2021: New Releases of Mousepad, Ristretto, and Whisker Menu

In November 2021, the Xfce developers managed to update the Whisker Menu plugin that provides an alternate menu for the Xfce desktop environment up to version 2.7.0. Whisker Menu 2.6.2 was released on mid-November to properly prevent interactive search in the treeview, as well as to fix menu toggling after pressing the Esc key and background shifting when showing the menu. Whisker Menu 2.7.0 was released later in November with lots of goodies, including support for rounded profile picture, the ability to show categories as icons on top or bottom, optional AccountsService support, Catfish search action, support for CSS classes for theming, improved search result relevance. Read more

Krita 5.0 Arrives Just in Time for Christmas, New Beta Is Out Now for Public Testing

The third beta of Krita 5.0 is here with lots of improvements and bug fixes to make the final release more stable and reliable. For example, it improves the alpha-mask PNG brush tips, adds support for loading the thumbnails for MYB mypaint brushes in a bundle, and fixes performance issues in the Magnetic Selection tool and textured brushes. It also fixes drag and drop of remote images, as well as copy/paste of images from the Google Chrome web browser, disables subpixel translation in the Transform tool, improves the styling of the tagging widget, updates the detection of the Intel GPU driver version, and makes the line tool’s preview faster. Read more

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Android Leftovers