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Programming Leftovers

  • Node.js 16 is here with updated platform support, V8 version 9, and more!

    As with most major releases, this release updates the minimum supported levels for platforms and tooling used to build Node.js. Some examples include updating the minimum supported Xcode version to 11 and the GCC version for Linux and AIX platforms to 8.3. Please check the documentation in Node's building instructions for all the latest minimum levels. More interesting is the work being done to add support for the new Apple M1 architecture. The Red Hat team is active in the Node.js build working group, helping to keep the infrastructure running to support the Power PC and s390 architectures, but also helps with work across the other architectures. Red Hat's Ash Cripps, a build work group member for Node.js, has been actively working to install/configure M1 machines so that we can test/build binaries that are compiled for M1 and run natively. Node.js 16 will be the first version to provide native M1 support.

  • Glassfish and Payara Auto-clustering: Running Java EE Highly-available Applications In The Cloud

    Building a highly-available clustered infrastructure is one of the most commonly used solutions to achieve 100% uptime for your application. In a clustered environment, there is a number of interconnected instances running the same stack and operating the same data. So cluster is able to handle more load than a single server. It will also add more servers automatically to the cluster as per application demand.

  • Python output buffering

    This only works if the script's stdout is unbuffered. Pipe the output through cat, and you get a long wait, and then the final string, without the animation. What is happening is that since the output is not going to a terminal, optimizations kick in that buffer the output and send it in bigger chunks, to make processing bulk I/O more efficient. I haven't found a good introductory explanation of buffering in Python's documentation. The details seem to be scattered in the io module documentation and they mostly assume that one is already familiar with concepts like unbuffered, line-buffered or block-buffered. The libc documentation has a good quick introduction that one can read to get up to speed.

  • Kushal Das: Adding dunder methods to a Python class written in Rust

    Last week I did two rounds of my Creating Python modules in Rust workshop. During the second session on Sunday, someone asked if we can create standard dunder methods, say __str__ or __repr__. I never did that before, and during the session I tried to read the docs and implement it. And I failed :)

  • Optimize your Python code with C |

    Cython is a compiler for the Python programming language meant to optimize performance and form an extended Cython programming language. As an extension of Python, Cython is also a superset of the Python language, and it supports calling C functions and declaring C types on variables and class attributes. This makes it easy to wrap external C libraries, embed C into existing applications, or write C extensions for Python in syntax as easy as Python itself.

Latest Linux Foundation Press Releases

  • Magma Project Accelerates with Establishment of Magma Core Foundation and New Members Under Open Governance
  • Magma Project Accelerates with Establishment of Magma Core Foundation and New Members Under Open Governance

    Today, the Magma project, an open-source software platform that gives network operators an open, flexible and extendable mobile core network solution, announced project and community growth since its recent move to the Linux Foundation to establish a neutral governance framework. Since moving to the Linux Foundation, Magma has made strides as a community, in partnership with the Open Infrastructure Foundation and OpenAirInterface Software Alliance. The collaboration has formally become the Magma Core Foundation, and project and community growth includes new members, the adoption of a master architecture roadmap, and formation of a neutral governance structure. In addition, the community will host its first Linux Foundation-managed event, Magma Day, co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021.

  • The Linux Foundation Hosts Open19 to Accelerate Data Center and Edge Hardware Innovation

    The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced it will host the Open19 Foundation, an open hardware platform for data center and edge hardware innovation. It is also announcing that one of the original founders of the Open19 project, Yuval Bachar, is joining the Linux Foundation to lead this effort. Project leadership includes premiere members Equinix and Cisco.

  • The Linux Foundation Hosts Open19 to Accelerate Data Center and Edge Hardware Innovation
  • Linux Foundation To Host Open19 Foundation

    Linux Foundation has announced that it will host the Open19 Foundation, an open hardware platform for data center and edge hardware innovation. Yuval Bachar, one of the original founders of the Open19 project, is joining the Linux Foundation to lead this effort. Project leadership includes premiere members Equinix and Cisco. Open19 focuses on hardware standards that enable compute, storage and network manufacturers and end users to develop differentiated hardware solutions while protecting their competitive intellectual property.

Ubuntu: New Video (Final Release Imminent) and More

  • Ubuntu 21.04 overview | Fast, secure and simple.

    In this video, I am going to show an overview of Ubuntu 21.04 and some of the applications pre-installed.

  • Community AMA: Indaba for 21.04

    An indaba is a conference or gathering to discuss matters of importance, originating from the Xhosa and Zulu languages. Following this theme, we are excited to be hosting our first Desktop Indaba this Friday. Everybody is welcome to take part by asking questions for our AMA (Ask Me Anything) part of the session. Learn more below!

  • Deploying Mattermost and Kubeflow on Kubernetes with Juju 2.9

    Since 2009, Juju has been enabling administrators to seamlessly deploy, integrate and operate complex applications across multiple cloud platforms. Juju has evolved significantly over time, but a testament to its original design is the fact that the approach Juju takes to operating workloads hasn’t fundamentally changed; Juju still provides fine grained control over workloads by placing operators right next to applications on any platform. This is exemplified in our most recent changes to how Charmed Operators behave on Kubernetes. In recent release candidates of Juju 2.9 (rc7/rc8/rc9/rc10), we’ve done a lot of work to ensure the juju bootstrap process on Kubernetes is as smooth and as universal as possible – meaning it should be easier than ever to bootstrap a Juju controller on a Bring-your-own-Kubernetes! But don’t take our word for it, deploy yourself some killer apps on a Kubernetes of your choice…

Games: Unsung Warriors, Spiritfarer and More

  • Colourful and fun 2D action-adventure Unsung Warriors heads back to Kickstarter

    After a failed first attempt, Unsung Warriors is back on Kickstarter with an updated demo Prologue available to play. Their fresh Kickstarter campaign comes along with a smaller €15,000 goal, with it close to being met already. The world of Unsung Warriors is set in Iron-Age inspired Europe, among various Celtic tribes. It mixes fantasy elements with European folk tales and mythology. Through hand-crafted environments you can battle through it entirely alone or in local co-op with a friend.

  • Spiritfarer hits 500K sales with The Lily Update out, Thunder Lotus' most successful game

    Thunder Lotus have announced that their wonderful game Spiritfarer has hit 500K sales, making it their most successful title to date and The Lily Update has been released. This update might be small overall but an important one. It brings in the new character, Lily the Butterfly Spirit, who guides you through several scenes which are supposed to "add depth and detail to the main character Stella’s story" and there's improvements for local co-op and bug fixes too. Sounds like a really great update to such a unique story and gameplay experience. If you've not played it: you guide spirits of the deceased, you are their ferrymaster and look after them before they go to the afterlife. [...] ...the Linux version on Steam has a delayed update, the GOG version is up to date.

  • Beamdog unleash the huge 2.6 update for Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale

    The Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Siege of Dragonspear and Icewind Dale just got a bit more enhanced with the huge 2.6 upgrade for all games out now. One that has been in Beta for each game for some time, while all the kinks were worked out because the tech behind them had a big update.