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SteamOS Finally Gets Update with the Liberation Font

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Valve's SteamOS has been updated once more and the developers have upgraded many of the default packages. More importantly, they have also added a new font called Liberation, which was requested by the community.

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GNU/Linux on Devices: Jetson Xavier NX, Fast Sense X Robotics AI Platform, Raspberry Pi, and More

  • IP67-rated edge AI gateway runs Linux on Jetson Xavier NX

    Axiomtek’s rugged, IP67-protected “AIE800-904-FL”edge AI computer runs Ubuntu 18.04 on a Jetson Xavier NX with GbE with PoE, HDMI, 2x USB 2.0, M.2 B-key for NVMe, and mini-PCIe with SIM. The AIE800-904-FL follows other edge AI gateways featuring Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX module including Axiomtek’s own recent AIE100-903-FL-NX. While that slightly more feature rich, dual-LAN box sits on a desktop, the AIE800-904-FL is available with wall- and VESA-mount kits and is protected against water and dust per IP67. The fanless system is designed for traffic management, city security, smart manufacturing, and other outdoor edge AI applications.

  • Robotics kit runs AI code on Myriad X, Coral Edge TPU, and Elkhart Lake GPU

    The “Fast Sense X Robotics AI Platform” runs Lubuntu and ROS on Intel’s Elkhart Lake with up to 2x Myriad X and 3x Coral Edge TPU M.2 accelerators for up to 20-TOPS AI. Moscow-based startup Fast Sense Studios unveiled an 84 x 55 x 30mm, Intel Elkhart Lake based embedded computer comprised of 3x stacked boards designed for deployment on robots. The Fast Sense X Robotics AI Platform provides autonomous robots or drones with 3D navigation with depth estimation and obstacle avoidance, fusing data from multiple depth cameras and LIDAR sensors. The system also supports object and pose detection and web-based telepresence.

  • Cast your Android device with a Raspberry Pi

    It's hard to stay away from the gadgets we use on a daily basis. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, I want to make sure I don't miss out on the important notifications from friends and family that pop up on my phone screen. I'm also busy and do not want to get lost in distractions, and picking up a phone and replying to messages tends to be distracting. To further complicate matters, there are a lot of devices out there. Luckily, most of them, from powerful workstations to laptops and even the humble Raspberry Pi, can run Linux. Because they run Linux, almost every solution I find for one device is a perfect fit for the others.

  • NXP unveils i.MX 8ULP Cortex-A35/M33 secure processors

    NXP will offer support for Linux and Android on the Arm Cortex-A35 core(s), and real-time operating systems on the Cortex-M33 core with FreeRTOS the most commonly used option on other i.MX 8 heterogeneous processors.

Today in Techrights

Kernel: Git, Intel, AMD and Bugs

  • Applying mailing list patches with 'git b4'

    b4 was created by Konstantin Ryabitsev and has become a very frequently used tool for me. It supports a lot of different ways for interacting with the Linux Kernel mailing lists. Of these the b4 am subcommand is what I primarily use. This subcommand downloads all of the patches belonging to a patch series and drops them into a .mbox file. But! It doesn't apply them to the repository we're currently in, and herein lies the itch that I would like to scratch.

  • Intel Lunar Lake ‘Next-Gen’ Core CPUs Get First Support In Linux Patches, Expected To Succeed Meteor Lake By 2023

    The support page was spotted by Coelacanth's Dream (via Osuosi / Videocardz). The patch adds support for Intel Lunar Lake CPUs on the Ethernet e1000e network driver (Gigabyte NIC for Linux and Virtual Systems). The Lunar Lake is clearly listed as a next-gen Client Platform which confirms that it will be launching for both desktop and mobility segments. Other than that, there's not much that we can decipher from the support page.  

  • AMD Has A Very Exciting Announcement Next Week

    On the desktop side, Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 processors continue impressing on Linux that make us all the more excited for the EPYC 7003 series. 

  • Linux Kernel 5.12 rc-1 Not Ready for Use

    In a recent message on the Linux Kernel Mailing List, Linus Torvalds warned everyone not to use the 5.12-rc1 kernel, due to an “unusually nasty bug” that was not caught during normal testing. “The reason is fairly straightforward,” Torvalds explains, “this merge window, we had a very innocuous code cleanup and simplification that raised no red flags at all, but had a subtle and very nasty bug in it: swap files stopped working right … the offset of the start of the swap file was lost.”  Swapping still happened, he says, “but it happened to the wrong part of the filesystem, with the obvious catastrophic end results.” 

Games: GamerOS, MakerKing, Island Artist, Receiver 2

  • Sofa gaming Linux distro GamerOS version 23 is out continuing to fill the gap of SteamOS | GamingOnLinux

    Filling in the gap left by Valve leaving SteamOS alone, the sofa / couch gaming distribution GamerOS has a brand new release available with the usual great improvements. Booting directly into Steam Big Picture mode, the idea is to have this is the only install on a machine hooked up to a TV. Perhaps in a living room or a dedicated gaming room. It takes things a step or two further though, including plenty of extra enhancements for emulators and non-Steam games with their special tools like Steam Buddy.

  • Mario Maker-like platformer MakerKing has a huge update, lets you make mobs | GamingOnLinux

    MakerKing (previously called Jumpaï), is a free to play 2D indie platformer in the spirit of Mario Maker where all players can design their own levels. The whole idea is to design and share, then play the creations from other people. Not only that, you can also play directly online with others to compete on your favourite levels. Along with a name change to MakerKing, a huge 0.8 version upgrade recently went out which gives the game quite a nice overhaul. The big headline feature is that you can now add in your own mobs, created by sticking parts together - it's actually quite amusing.

  • Island Artist is a short and sweet game about relaxing and being creative | GamingOnLinux

    Love your small experimental games? I sure do and one I came across recently called Island Artist is absolutely wonderful. It features a hand-crafted world where you walk around and create wonderful paintings. It reminds me quite a lot of Shutter Stroll and gives off that same kind of vibe. There's no depth to the game other than walk around, chill out and perhaps create your next masterpiece, although the tools are simple so don't expect too much from it. Something to help you find that inner peace on a rainy day perhaps?

  • First-person gun simulator action game Receiver 2 gets a proper practice area

    Love a good shooter? What about one where there's a lot of simulation going on with the weapons directly? Receiver 2 gives you quite a bit to learn and now you can actually get some practice in. The key point about Receiver 2 is that it simulates every internal part of each firearm based on manufacturer schematics and gunsmithing resources. This means you can actually learn exactly how each sidearm works, including how to load and unload them, clear malfunctions, and operate their safety features. Educational? Perhaps but it's also an action game about taking down drones and collecting tapes.