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Android based videoconferencing system does 9-way sessions

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Grandstream’s “GVC3200″ is an Android based videoconferencing device that offers 9-way SIP/Android sessions, a 12x zoom HD camera, and triple HDMI displays.

Any Android device with a front-facing camera is potentially a personal videoconferencing device, especially now that Google Play has apps like Skype and Google Hangouts. Yet, we haven’t seen many Android- or Linux-based systems that do business-class, room-sized videoconferencing, let alone non-video conferencing systems like this week’s Android-based DCN Multimedia Conferencing System from Bosch. The only recent exception we can recall is Google’s VC-ready Chromebox for Meetings, which runs the Linux-based Chrome OS.

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New GNU Releases and FSF Spring "Bulletin"

  • June GNU Spotlight with Amin Bandali: Twelve new GNU releases! [Ed: Much respect to Amin Bandali for stepping up and helping the FSF a lot when it needed it the most]
  • Spring "Bulletin": Verifying licenses, free software in education, and more!

    Software freedom needs our advocacy, our words and voices, and our generosity to spread. The biannual Free Software Foundation Bulletin is an item made for sharing, its articles from FSF staff and community members help facilitate the conversation about the importance of free software in daily life. It is a great tool to help people find their reason to support free software, to contribute to free software, or -- for the many who are just learning about it -- to take their next steps up the ladder to freedom.

pgAdmin 4 v6.11 Released

The pgAdmin Development Team is pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 6.11. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 20 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes. pgAdmin is the leading Open Source graphical management tool for PostgreSQL. For more information, please see the website. Read more Also: PostgreSQL: Announcing the release of AgensGraph 2.12