wanna try linux but dont know how?

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Note- First video shows you, how to resize partition by using systemsrescuedisk (100MB cd)

You have PC , whose hard-disk has Windows Installed and complete hard-disk is used by windows. so now you want to resize one of the partition to make free space for linux. download this video tutorial and learn how to do it by using booting from systemrescue diskl.

Download video 1- Resizing Hard-disk by qtpart.avi.rar . (1.3 MB)

You got hard-disk ready and now want to installed Linux. Here i have used UbuntuLinux. its a complete Desktop user targeted linux distribution. Once CD makes its easy for you to download. (you can also ask the maker of ubuntu to ship it at your home, ofcourse this takes time.. quite a time. )
In this video-tutorial i show you how to start Ubuntu installation, go through all the steps and configure linux partitions.

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